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One of my best friends with my body paint burlesque mug! Follow my girl Retro Dee’s Site & get your burlesque body paint 🎨 mug now at my Merchandise shop!

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I Finally Have My Very Own Merchandise Shop!

   It’s about time! I finally have my own merchandise store online. Year’s ago I had clothing I designed in a local store where I did silkscreen prints and painting and photography imagery and I loved seeing people wearing it. 

   Now I have my online shop open and live and am very excited about it. I designed all my stuff and sell a lot of products from T-shirts to leggings, to socks, to bags, hoodies, mugs, and more. This is the perfect time to shop since it’s the holiday season. Here are some examples of some of my merchandise but check out my shop at  to see everything you can get:

560 (2)


560 (1)

560 (3)

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Thank you to Everyone Purchasing my Pins


Here’s my best friend who I met the same night I met my man. Her name is Lydia and she is my “wifey.” She’s always been such a supportive friend and I’m so grateful for her. Here she is wearing my oil painting “LUST” pin. My two pin styles have been selling like hot cakes so make sure to get yours now. Both of them are $12 and here is the “LUST” pin that my wife is wearing and also there is the mixed media 3-D “RARE ODDITY” pin.


Contact me if  you want one either here in the comments or through my social media platforms.

ART, Art Accessories, Art for Sale, Creativity, Good Morning Artists!, paintings


Thank you to Big Cartel and Metal Works for creating these personalized pins of my art work. We collaborated on what I wanted engraved and the materials I wanted for them and we came up with an amazing product. To start with, two art pieces of mine were chosen. The first one is titled, “LUST” and the second pin you can get is titled, “Rare Oddity.” Both styles are made with strong, sturdy, and beautiful enamel which give a nice gloss to them without being over powering so you can see the art work perfectly without a glare.





   Either style retails for $12.00 plus shipping. (THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE WHO PURCHASE A PIN WILL GET A LITTLE SURPRISE AS WELL!)

I’ve always been a huge advocate in artists supporting other artists and I hope everyone enjoys this customized pins! Leave a comment below or hit me up on any of my social media pages to place an order!